• How I helped ~6,000 Australians find a vaccine appointment

    In mid 2021 Australia had an acute vaccine shortage for various reasons, which meant vaccine appointments were extremely hard to come by – NSW had just declared a national emergency. To help Australia increase it’s vaccination rate ASAP I built GPVaccineSearch.com over a few weekends in July/August, an open-source vaccine appointment search engine, as a side project.

  • The Best Apps for Bicycle Directions

    The Best Apps for Bicycle Directions

    Even though some cities have dedicated bicycle infrastructure, it’s of no use if you don’t know where it is. While Google Maps is excellent for car navigation (and the dominant market leader), it often has patchy cycle infrastructure coverage and tends to generate cycle routes on busy roads. The best dataset of cycle infrastructure worldwide (and in Sydney) is OpenStreetMap. OpenStreetMap is like Wikipedia but a map; anybody can edit it, and the sheer number of contributors ensures accurate data. Many cyclists (including myself) contribute to this dataset.

  • Construction of the Sydney CBD & South East Light Rail

    Construction of the Sydney CBD & South East Light Rail

    I undertook a four-year project to document the construction over 6 focus trips at various stages of development, as well as after the opening of the Randwick segment.