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Watch on YouTube at youtu.be/KEjGhhgPjm8

An outsider without identity struggles to see their own place in a world where they’re different.

A short film on identity and the ever present subject of social media in our lives. Assignment for year 11 Media.

Many thanks to Clemens Ruh for permission to feature his redefinition of Fly by Ludovico Einaudi. See more of his great work athttps://soundcloud.com/clemensruh. The original was featured in the soundtrack of the french film ‘The Intouchables’ (http://youtu.be/k016mR9tQdI)


Main Character: Patricia ORTIZ
Antagonist 1: Savannah PASLEY
Antagonist 2: Bradley STIRLING

Production & Post Production

Storyboarding and initial concept: Jake COPPINGER, Patricia ORTIZ, Savannah PASLEY, Bradley STIRLING
Script: Jake COPPINGER
Editing: Jake COPPINGER
Special effects: Jake COPPINGER
Sound design: Jake COPPINGER
Filming: Jake COPPINGER, Bradley STIRLING