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Watch on YouTube at youtu.be/S1TnGDKDs8E

A short advertisement promoting the TV Studio used in the Media course at Gungahlin College, assignment for Year 11 Media.

Many thanks to Keith Rivers for permission to use his music, see more of his great work at keithriversfilms.bandcamp.com

Production & Post Production

Script: Jake COPPINGER
Post-production: Jake COPPINGER
Shot composition: Jake COPPINGER
Filming: Jake COPPINGER, Patricia ORTIZ, Savannah PASLEY
Storyboarding and brainstorming: Jake COPPINGER, Patricia ORTIZ, Savannah PASLEY


Title: SRFC in C Minor
Executive Producer: Keith Rivers Films, LLC
Composed by: Daniel Kamas, Keith Rivers, Caleb Slain
Produced by: Daniel Kamas, Jakael Tristram
Engineered by: Jakael Tristram
Piano: Caleb Buse
Cello: Dave Takahashi
Violin: Lynn Sorensen
Bass Cello: Mike Marcus